Using Internet of Things for Proactive and Preventive Maintenance and Increasing Revenue Not Only of The Business but of the Customers as Well

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become one of the most important technologies available in the 21st century. IoT refers to any device which can be connected to the internet but is not used for browsing purposes. It’s now possible for us to connect everyday objects including kitchen appliances, cars, central heating, and baby monitors to the internet. This allows for a seamless communication between people, processes, and devices.

One company using IoT in order to improve the services it offers is Otis, the people moving company. Otis has been a leading brand in the industry of escalators and elevators since its inception almost 160 years ago. Otis is constantly reinventing its services with a bold vision of where the industry is heading and is equipped with the latest groundbreaking field service technology.

How is Otis ONE Using IoT for a More Efficient Service

Otis has recently introduced the IoT platform, Otis ONE in order to personalize the service it offers to its customers. It achieves this by applying real-time, transparent information sharing, proactive communication tools, and predictive maintenance insights.

The Otis ONE digital platform combines the company’s 30 years of remote monitoring experience with the latest cloud technology, machine learning, and the Internet of Things to provide customers and Otis employees with an entirely connected experience. This offers real-time information in addition to predictive maintenance insights ensuring the technology is working as it should and customers are getting the best possible experience.

The escalators and elevators Otis produces are fitted with smart sensor technology which collects information as part of a connected digital ecosystem. Data is then sent to the cloud where it's aggregated and analyzed, with this information then being delivered to customers and Otis’ dedicated service teams, all in real time.

Otis ONE takes this data from all its products and connected units and creates predictive insights and provides a proactive service solution for customers. For example, being able to detect parts failures at an early stage and repair or replace them before they cause a full shut down.

Otis ONE further enables Otis service teams to provide a faster and more efficient service experience. The platform turns customer equipment data into insights meaning that the Otis team can stay ahead of potential issues and keeping its equipment running and its passengers safely and reliably on the move.

This is not only a preventative measure but means, when a service or repair is required, appointments can be booked automatically, and engineers are able to arrive on site with all the information and parts necessary to complete the job. This means engineers can save time on diagnostics and get on with the job immediately.

“We can share this data and help others make peoples’ experiences more seamless and efficient,” said, Vice President of Product Strategy at Otis, Chris Smith.

How is Otis ONE Using IoT to Benefit Businesses and the People It Transports

For its customers, Otis ONE's innovative two-way video connection between the elevator car and OTISLINE customer services ensures that passengers will not be alone should help be needed. The intelligent connectivity helps to ensure that customer equipment is up and running as much as possible, but it also delivers a better, faster, and more efficient service for its riders.

The brand’s capabilities to collect data advances as cloud computing, advanced sensors, and more powerful networking equipment became available. This meant that the services that Otis can offer are more advanced and better suited to contemporary customer demands.

Otis collects huge volumes of data about its equipment’s performance, as well as how many people it’s transporting and when. This data, especially when combined with other information, enables Otis to see past current patterns and trends and allows them to predict how people will move in the future – enabling predictions relating to the lifespan of parts.

Otis is now in the process of developing an infrastructure which will enable the company to sell its elevator and escalator performance insights to building operators who use their own mechanics to perform the physical work but with the additional insights that Otis is able to provide through its IoT capabilities.

Otis also sells video content to its elevators via subscription, as well as data-supported maintenance and service contracts to clients. It involves an end-user eCall app, meaning that people can request elevator services via their smartphones from a distance, thus reducing waiting times.

Final Thoughts

Otis is using new technologies to provide clients with proactive and preventative field service measures in the elevator and escalator industry. By using smart sensors and other technologies, the company can effectively detect an issue prior to it becoming a serious problem, automatically book appointments, and choose low usage times in which to carry out repairs with the least amount of disruption. How IoT is being used is set to be a hot topic at Field Service Asia 2019, being held in November at the Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, Singapore. You can hear Sudheer Shetty, Director of Service Transformation, APAC, OTIS speak at Field Service Asia 2019, in November, at the Amara Sanctuary Resort, Sentosa, Singapore.

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